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Photography Resources  

The Steven Karafyllakis Online Gallery
Showcases Florida landscape, still-life, figure studies, and travel photography from the Greek Islands and other locales, by the Florida based photographer Steven Karafyllakis.



About.com: Photography - Collection of links to information and articles about history and techniques.

AlwaysPhotographing - Devoted to photography using digital and traditional techniques. Includes articles on techniques, galleries, presentations, and Yahoo discussion group.

The Art of Visual Perception in Photography
- Information about a conference exploring creatvity and emotion in photography. Contact details, samples of material presented, and comments on the presentation.

Canadian Photographers Network
- An online community helping Canadian photographers improve their businesses. Includes discussion forums, articles, business forms, directory of services and suppliers, photography links and event calendar.

Cicada Photography Resource
- Centered around black and white photography. Includes information on the Zone System, a gallery, and book list.

DigitalTruth Photo Source
- Information site including sorted links, galleries, and articles offering tips and techniques.

- Includes photographic courses delivered by email, online galleries, and darkroom, camera, film, and chemical information.

- Online community hosting news, camera reviews, articles, galleries, tips, discussion, webspace, and links.

For Photography - Portal with sections for tips, models, help wanted, and links.

- Archives articles on general and technical information, and facilitates the exchange of tips and images.

General Rules for rec.photo
- Contains the charters for the rec.photo newsgroups.

Get The Picture
- Allows students to learn basic camera techniques and historic background of over fifty photographs by seven photographers.

Jack's Photographic and Chemistry Site
- Contains photographic techniques and formulas, a small gallery, and links.

Jon Grepstad
- Personal site featuring a large collection of photography links, organized by topic, with special emphasis on pinhole and large-format photography. Also includes several original articles.

- Contains basic tips, links, and gallery centered on developing a creative photographic style.

Lepp Associates
- Offers tips, reviews, articles, magazines, workshops, and prints, focused on nature photography.

National Image Library
- The United States Fish and Wildlife Service's online collection of public domain photographs.

NOAA Photo Library
- Searchable photography collection focusing on the environment in the United States.

Online Photography
- Includes photographer resumes, a forum, links, articles, and product reviews.

Photographer's Marketplace
- Small directory of photographers, information about modeling, links, and articles.

Photography in Malaysia
- Online portfolios, clubs, events, and technical information. Includes an overview of many camera systems.

PhotoGuide Japan - Information on photographers, galleries and museums, books, organizations, and articles. [English and Japanese]

Quotations from the World of Photography
- Catalogues a selection of quotations about photography or by noted photographers by the author's name.

Still Journal
- Offers news, articles, information for collectors and historians, and a directory
- Illustrated travel photography courses, including a glossary, and galleries of sample photographs organized by country.

- Provides information for students, professionals and educators including links to educational sites, workshops and gallery exhibits. 
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